This question can be answered quite easily: the Russian Federation is an empire in the truest sense of the word. An empire that couldn't fall apart in time, when there were opportunities, and each time it was glued together by force.
First in 1917, then in the 1990s, and now that moment is approaching again. Muscovy (so-called Russia) for many centuries engaged in brutal colonization, genocides of everyone and everything, destruction, and the imposition of their cruel interests. And it was being right, if it had remained somewhere in the conditional Middle Ages, but no, it was in the 20th century, and it is happening in the 21st century.

Today, all the factors necessary for the state collapse are combined. Everything to a single one, just list them:
a) a different level of life in the regions (they are also subjects of the federation);
b) the imposition of the Moscow dictate by the region;
c) the inability to choose their own candidates and to be elected themselves;
d) interethnic differences and interests;
e) interreligious conflicts;
f) Moscow's intolerance towards minorities, even within its own society.

And all of the above is due to Moscow's authoritarian policies for many years! This time no one will stick together the empire and no one can. The army is almost defeated, and no one wants to miss the opportunity to live separately, even in the Russian regions, not to mention the national republics.

The Russian opposition, for the most part, isn't interested in people's problems, but only cares about the money and wants. So-called "Russian liberals" quarrel among themselves and cannot agree on anything, and people like Ilya Ponomarev, who seem to be ready for dialogue, are simply blacklisted; and they don't want to talk about discussing problems with regional politicians or separatists at all. We all have to know that they are already organizing their representations under the white-blue-white flag on behalf of the national republics. And this is the democracy that they bring with them?

We believe that it's no longer possible to trust Moscow, it's dangerous; as, however, it was impossible to trust before. The danger is that they:
a) don't hear their own people, just as they don't hear people of other nationalities and from the regions;
b) don't incline to any debate;
c) use methods of intimidation, as well as don't recognize the mistakes of the past;
d) blame only Putin, although Yeltsin started all this policy, and they were in his electorate;
e) have not been able to do anything for all this time, to create worthy resistance, therefore they will not be able to this time either.

If we simply remember that with each instability, the empire fell apart into various states under similar circumstances, then this will happen again very soon, in the coming months or a few years. We are sure that at the end of the 2020s, dozens of new democratic countries will be formed on the world map. And Moscow will not be able to do anything about it, it will be obliged to recognize the rules of the game and change, because it will be better for it too. After all, a huge burden will subside, and it will be possible to think about the essential, and not about the absurd ideas of the red-brown "Russian world".

Another reason that the Russian state is a semi-corpse that suffers in the agony of its cruelty and immorality. This is a rogue state, but unlike many dictatorships, in the Russian Federation the dictatorship is imperial, which rests on the strength of Moscow, Putin and his inner circle. But considering what kind of clan and inter-structural clashes today, we'll see the inability of state structures to coordinate the state activities.

In addition, decolonization gives new countries a great incentive and motivation for development, enrichment, a new path to democratic freedom. And for already existing countries, security and new trading partners who will not be blackmailed with grain, oil and other necessary things... So, to be honest, today even international laws are with us! The main task is to convince people in other countries that we are right, based on facts, figures, history and prospects. In any case, success will be ours and we will achieve our goal.

Freedom to the Nations! Freedom to every human!
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