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Free Nations Congress

Free Nations Congress

The Free Nations League, an anti-imperial front of national movements, socio-political and civil organizations advocating for the acquisition of real sovereignty by the peoples and territories of the Russian Federation, announces the convening of the Free Nations Congress.
Second monitor for the Tatar front-line department

Second monitor for the Tatar front-line department

The donor was a clinic in the Estonian city of Kõlõ. The parcel was transported to Ukraine by volunteers from Helsinki, but the package contained not only the device.
The Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people held a rally at the UN building complex

The Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people held a rally at the UN building complex

Emigrants from Kalmykia need to stop the persecuting of activists of the national movement in their homeland.

"Only independence!" – rallies of Nations held captive by Moscow took place around the world.

On Sunday, July 23, 2023, protest rallies were held in many American cities to mark the end of the Captive Nations Week.

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"Free and independent nations!"

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Boläeń Syreś: “Being Russian is no longer popular, people are starting to remember their roots”

We bring to your attention the translation of the interview of the Erzä Nation Inäzor (the Elder) to one of the influential and advanced Finnish newspaper “Helsingin Sanomat”.

Why decolonization is important & inevitable

This question can be answered quite easily: the Russian Federation is an empire in the truest sense of the word. An empire that couldn't fall apart in time, when there were opportunities, and each time it was glued together by force.

Battle for Cossackia: Moscow Kremlin against Ukrainian Maidan

Why is this my Ukraine? Because this is my Hetmanship or Cossackia! Let's protect her and release the entire Kozachii Presud! (ancient Cossack language).

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