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Free Nations League

The Free Nations League is a broad anti-imperial movement that unites national, socio-political and civil organizations who advocate for sovereignty for the peoples and territories in the Russian Federation.

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FNL goals

The FNL declared its goals to be:

  • consolidation of anti-imperial movements in the Russian Federation
  • training for nation building
  • search for allies in the international theater
  • the acquisition of independence by the subjects in the Russian Federation and the realization of their right to self-determination.


of FNL ideology


The Russian Federation is an empire that by force keeps its colonies in a subservient position. Liberation by “holding a referendum” is impossible, just as a referendum “on respect for human rights” is impossible under conditions of state terror.


The peoples in the Russian Federation should be given the opportunity to exercise their right to self-determination without external influences. Further creation of federal or confederal unions is possible only on a voluntary basis and without the dictates of the former federal center.


We declare the principle of "presumption of subjectness". Accordingly, with the collapse of the current political regime in the Russian Federation, the regions do not need to appeal to anything or anyone to give them sovereignty. All regions, by definition, acquire complete sovereignty and complete independence from Moscow, and already then, as free territories, decide their future: whether they want to maintain independence, unite with other regions and republics, or create a confederation of states.


All subjects in the Russian Federation have the right to independently determine their future fate.


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