Emigrants from Kalmykia need to stop the persecuting of activists of the national movement in their homeland.
The rally pursued the following goals:

1. Attracting attention, distribution and promotion in the territory of New York and the USA information about the Oirad-Kalmyk people and other non-Russian peoples who are in an unfree state on the territory of Russia.  Seeking support for the interests and rights of colonized countries from American politicians and society.
2. Protest against the policies of the Russian authorities.
3. Expression of solidarity and support for the activities of the Congress.
4. Mobilizing forces and resources to solve community problems in the United States.
5. On the country's denunciation of the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

Participants in a rally showed support of the activities of the Congress, which in the summer of 2023 was recognized by the criminal authorities as an extremist organization.

Activists were interviewed by BBC and radio station Voice Of America.
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