Eight leaders of influential Circassian organizations issued a joint statement in which they called on their compatriots to sabotage the Kremlin’s orders: “We appeal to our compatriots serving in the ranks of the Russian occupational army to boycott the orders of the command, which are a violation of the laws of a foreign state and the international law. We ask Circassians to refrain from further service in the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces and other armed formations sent to Ukraine by the Kremlin military command.”
The authors of the appeal draw an analogy between the Russian-Caucasian wars (1763-1864) and Moscow’s attempts to conquer Ukraine: “Today, the Russian Federation is carrying out the same policy of destruction and expulsion towards the Ukrainian people. We, the Circassians, cannot but feel pain and indignation witnessing the repetition of similar actions against any other people. Sharing the suffering of the Ukrainian people, we express our support to them and appeal to all Circassians to support sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Fight and you will win!”

The appeal was signed by Kenan Kaplan, Chairman of the Council of United Circassia; Kase Kik, Representative of the Council of United Circassia in USA, Chairman of the Circassian Congress Social and Political Movement of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic; Ibragim Yagan, Chairman of the Free Circassia Association; Marianna Sheru, Chairwoman of the Circassian Centre in New York; Murat Özden, Chairman of Maltepe Circassian Association; Dr. Orhan Barsiq, Representative of the Council of United Circassia in Georgia; Selçuk Bağlar, Vice Chairman of the Council of United Circassia; Dr. Mustafa Canbek, Secretary General of the Council of United Circassia.

Earlier on February 27, there was a meeting of the Temporary Special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine to prepare a draft of the basic principles of the state policy of Ukraine on interaction with national movements of small and indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation with the leaders of the Circassian national movement. Representatives of Circassian organizations and communities from all places where this people lives announced the creation of a coordination council to interact with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.
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