Why is this my Ukraine? Because this is my Hetmanship or Cossackia! Let's protect her and release the entire Kozachii Presud! (ancient Cossack language).
Today there is a fierce war going on not between Ukraine and Russia, not between Ukrainians and Russians, but a war of freedom against slavery, one world against another, a war between Maidan and the Kremlin, representing two symbols, images of two worlds opposite to each other! The first is a symbol of Ukrainian-Cossack will and brotherhood, the second is a symbol of Moscow-Horde tyranny and servility. (reference: MAIDAN is a meeting place, the Cossacks have a stanitsa circle or a council, the Turks have a kurultai or a khural, the Slavs have a veche or a gathering, in a broad sense, this is any open area; the main trading square in a city or village).
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