Freedom and human dignity demand courage. Cowardice destroys values and turns a free society into the tyranny of a dictator.
These words are not addressed to our peoples under Moscow's oppression, but to you – leaders of [free] states, military-political blocs, and international organizations.
Fear and indecisiveness paralyze you in the face of Putin and his belligerent concentration camp, which views free and democratic states and societies as existential enemies of Russia.

We, representatives of nations within the Free Nations League, declare our aspiration to independently determine our destiny and to be subjects, not objects, of international politics.
The Russian Federation threatens the very existence of our peoples by pursuing a deliberate policy of assimilation, mobilizing disproportionately high numbers of non-Russian men for an aggressive war in Ukraine against our will, providing "social elevators" either for ethnic Russians or for those of us who have abandoned our identity in favor of a Russian one.

Preserving the Russian Federation in its current form means agreeing  to the disregard for the rule of law. It entails endless wars and constant threats of nuclear weapon use.
We call on leaders of democratic states of the whole world  and international organizations to provide the Free Nations League members the opportunity to represent the interests of oppressed peoples under Moscow's rule on international platforms, meetings, and events. Any discussions about the future of the Russian Federation cannot take place without the participation of representatives of the ethnic non-russian peoples living within its territory.
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