Radjana Dugar-De Ponte, President of the Free Nations League, stated that the electoral events held on March 15-17, 2024, in the Russian Federation cannot be viewed as actual presidential elections.
"These are not elections at all," continuing, she said: "There have been no elections in the Russian Federation for over 20 years. The degradation of democratic institutions in Russia began in 1996 when such enormous resources were poured into Yeltsin's re-election, making it clear that the country had taken a bad turn."

Radjana Dugar-De Ponte noted that with Putin's emergence, the cancellation of gubernatorial elections, and the establishment of his own vertical power structure, his dream of lifelong rule became clear: "This was shown, in particular, by the swap with Medvedev, which annulled Putin's presidential terms, after which he 'started from scratch' as a 'new' candidate."

The President of the FNL states that the problem of Russia, “As well as the Russian Empire, is that the rights and freedoms of citizens are not a priority for either the authorities or the people. How else can one explain that Russians choose tyrants as their leaders? Therefore, in 2024, the people's right to vote was merely symbolic.”

According to Rajana Dugar-De Ponte, the "Good Russians" action "Noon against Putin", which urged people to supposedly vote to spoil the ballots, actually precisely demonstrated the turnout of voters to the media, and thereby legitimized the intentions of the unchanging ruler in the eyes of the public: "No one cared about who and what they were planning to do with the ballots. The main thing was the image of crowds of people, queues at all diplomatic missions, which Russian channels showed to the whole world." The FNL leader believes that the "Noon" technology contributed to an "unprecedented turnout" at Vladimir Putin's electoral events.

"In this way, the leaders of the so-called opposition played into the hands of the same con artist. They called on people to participate in a scam. There is no need to talk about any citizen’s rights in this situation," Rajana Dugar-De Ponte concluded.

The President of the FNL also emphasized that the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation were assigned a special role in the March electoral events: "the role of ‘extras,’ as everyone observed photos from different parts of the Russian Federation, including from Buryatia, where people in national costumes put on yak heads, dressed up as statues. They took the role of jesters who, for the amusement of the whole world, show their true essence."

Regarding the electoral events in the occupied territories adjacent to Ukraine, Radjana Dugar-De Ponte said: "It is a war crime when a people are conquered through force of arms, and then the population is forced to participate in the elections of the aggressor government, which they do not recognize."
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