Address of the Free Nations League to the Circassian people, to the entire civilized World on solidarity and support on the day of memory and sorrow of the Circassian people and the 160th anniversary of the beginning of the large-scale, tragic Exodus (Muhajirism) from their historical lands.
We, peoples striving for their freedom and independence, united in the FREE NATIONS LEAGUE, having experienced tragic pages in our history of the conquest and colonization of our territories, destruction and genocide of our peoples, forced assimilation and erasure of the memory, identity, culture, language and traditions of our peoples, and therefore, understanding and feeling the pain and tragedy of the Circassian people as our own, we appeal to the Circassian people and to all the free and civilized peoples of the World!

We express our sympathy, support and solidarity to the Circassian people! The people who for more than a hundred years heroically and selflessly resisted the huge Russian empire, fighting for their freedom, independence, culture, traditions and that humane way of life, laid down for centuries in the code and traditions of the Circassian people - Khabze.

The conquest of the territories of Circassia, the destruction and eviction of 90% of the population by inhumane methods, qualified in modern international law as “genocide,” brought the Circassian people to the brink of complete extinction. However, the people survived. Circassians, living in more than fifty countries of the world, have preserved their identity, culture, language and traditions. Have not lost “horizontal” connections in their society. And most importantly, they did not lose hope and will to fight for freedom, independence, restoration of historical justice and statehood.

We declare that the Circassian people are no longer alone in their struggle! We are with the Circassian people, and the Circassian people are with us! We now act not as separate small nations, but as a single and united force! The Russian Empire failed in its policy of “divide and conquer” over our peoples.

There is no doubt that certain representatives of our peoples, having been influenced by Russian propaganda and showing weakness, went to “serve” the invader and colonialist, for a well-fed and comfortable life, as it seems to them. However, this is not a loss for our peoples, but a cleansing of the nation.

Our territories have been conquered and are still under imperial occupation today. Territories can be conquered. But peoples never. As long as at least one representative of the people is alive, who has not lost his identity, language, culture and desire for freedom and independence, he is alive as a people.

Today let us support the proud and beautiful Circassian people in their noble aspirations for universal human values, for freedom, independence, liberation from the colonial regime and a new chapter in the life of the people, for the stage of restoration and creation.

We stand as one force - we are the FREE NATIONS LEAGUE!
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